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Default Re: Easier pedaling with motor off

Azbill's method is good and cheap but I get my hands greasy doing that.
I thought of just releasing the chain tensioner, derrailing the chain and hanging the chain on something (without breaking it) to keep it away from the sprocket. I would get greasy doing that also.

Cabin - I did try regearing and it made for some slow going.

Dan - I had forgotten about the HybriPed - That's an affordable answer

Nougat - the SBP jackshaft allows you to pedal without spinning the engine drive sprocket? How does it do that? If so, I might go with that and eliminate the motor chain if it looks like the lawmen in Ft Bend county are tolerant of gas assisted bikes on their roads.

I have not yet ridden my motor bike in TX, but I will be getting it out of storage in a couple of weeks.
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