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Default Easier pedaling with motor off

With the motor off and clutch disengaged, my motorbike is still tough to pedal.
(Road conditions in my area sometimes dictate that I pedal down the sidewalk or multi path for a spell, and I regularly ride unassisted bikes anyway)
If I loosen the star nut enough for easy pedaling, the clutch tends to slip under engine power.
That big chain makes a lot of drag too.

I am trying to devise a way to allow my rear wheel sprocket to freewheel for easier pedalling when desired.
I don't need a clutch system on the rear sprocket that will allow me to engage and disengage on the fly. A mechanical quick release that requires me to stop would be fine. In fact, I dont really need to use compression braking.

I know there are some pricey ways to accomplish this. Anybody got any cheap solutions?
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