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Default Re: Addicted hook line and sinker

Originally Posted by tomahawk View Post
This is one exciting hobby!!! Just built my first bike. Its a Huffy Cranbrook with a 48cc engine. Went really well. Finished it a few days ago and i'm now gonna sell it for $150. more than i paid for it. And guess what i am gonna do with that money....uh huh another new build. I must say the cranbrook is like a really well riding bike. Thanks wheelbender6 for the comeback. I am not that versed with the forum lingo yet but maybe someday. Just moved to Georgia last October from Michigan. And by the way... i am a RED WINGS fan all the
Tomahawk, Welcome to the forum, congrats on your first build and yes it is addicting this world of motorized bicycles.

Let's go Washington Capitals all the way to the Stanley Cup!!! Oh yeah I'm a Caps Hockey fan !

Peace Crazy Horse.
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