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Default Re: what kind of metals can i

Good info here! Well put guys! At my "side" job I make lots of different types of things using many manufacturing processes and find that I easilly adapt to new (to me) processes. I believe that if you properly assess your skills and use a common sense approach to things i.e. do what you need to get proper info and tackle things in small, at first, bites you can work up to whatever you want!

Crappy Mallwart bicis are a good place to start, They should be procured for free (at all costs) and they're disposable/recycleable so you can practice on those till you hone your craft.

(Anecdotal Humor Interlude) I purged my bicycle grave yard of riff raff and stuff I won't have time for before it returns to the earth. Built a pile in my plantingstrip; the Jackson Pollick (sp.) Huffy cruiser left mysteriously while I was building the pile. Threw up the free ad on c'list. The rusty unicycle (w/stand, also rusty) made it till the 1st dude in an aircooled VW showed up (lime green). I was showing him the fixie potentials when the second dude in an a/c V DuB (MiddleSchool bathroom yellow) Showed up w/ tools looking for very specific lower mid grade parts. And literally 5 min. later (30 min after posting the ad) another dude (not in a VW) shows up and takes a bunch of stuff and buys some rims while the other dudes forage. I tell'em to take the good and leave the (s)crap and head back to the grind stone. I come back by my front window 10 min later and notice a van pull up and 2 guys take everything else (they missed a chain and kickstand but mistakenly took some yard waste) for scrap.

It was like the food chain of used bicycle parts! I thought I was going to run to the transfer station; not this time!

True recycling!

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