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Default Re: A bicycle engine kit for a 11 year old? YES or NO

Nougat...oops, sorry for that snafu...I'm still a newbie at this.

dvddtz..yeah, that's exactly what I have in mind! Looks like your little one is pulling a wheelie there in that pic. heh heh heh

Yup, he's already got all the safety gear both from his quad (an actual full-face bike helmet) and from his bicycle (a bicycle helmet). Here in Ontario, Canada anyone under 18 must wear a bicycle helmet by law while riding their bike. Over 18 and it's up to your discretion. I guess the premise being that over 18 you ought to know better and wear one anyways. Most adults I see biking around town though don't wear one. I'm also considering purchasing him some knee and elbow pads like rollerbladers use just in case he wipes out.
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