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Default New bloke from Melbourne - Australia

Hello everyone.

I have been interested in motored bikes for quiet a while. About a year a go I brought a cheap beach cruiser and fitted with a China Sky 48cc motor. It ran well with no real problems - until I crashed it into a bollard in a car park. Busted up my ankle pretty good and bent the pedals and crank.

after I could walk again - I then swapped the motor onto a TREK schwinn copy that I had laying around and used that to commute for a while. The bike has been sitting for some time for several reasons. First reason is because the back wheel has buckled and the chain from the engine falls off all of the time. I do have a Grubee HD rear axle with brake etc the I am going to build so that should take care of that problem.
The other reason that I stopped riding is because here in Victoria we have a 200 Watt power limit and my bike exceeds that. The chances of getting caught are fairly small, however the main issue for me is that if an accident were to occur I would not be covered by any insurance - not cool when I have a small family to support.

Now that there is a fairly cheap 200 Watt petrol motor available locally my interest is renewed- I will buy one of these and build a light weight commuter and turn my original bike into a board track style beast - it will look good on a trailer behind my hot rod...

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