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Default Re: A bicycle engine kit for a 11 year old? YES or NO

Thanks for all the words of encouragement guys. And a shout out to weekend-fun (Sam)...good to see someone my son's age chiming in as well.

I thought I'd at least get some "what are you thinking" or "that's irresponsible parenting" from someone. I think I just spend too much time around women where my 'great' mechanical ideas are often downgraded to 'hair-brained schemes' so I end up doubting myself. Plus, against my own parents' advice I bought a motorcycle myself when I turned 18 and had a real close call with a semi which scared me ****less and I haven't owned a motorcycle since. Granted a motorized bicycle and a motorcycle are two different beasts.

Anyways, the only one besides me who seems to be entirely for it is my son's grandma but then again she was the one who got him the quad and I must admit she is more 'redneck' than I am. LOL Although my fiancee on more than one occassion has expressed interest in her own bike but has taken the wait and see approach to see if it's something she'd want once my own bike is completed. I'm sure once she takes a ride she'll be hooked too. Then maybe it'll be something for the three of us to do together.

The quad is bulletproof reliable, just add gas and go so my son isn't really learning much. Plus he's too much into Star Wars and video games and well, I just can't have that or he'll en up with no mechanical aptitude whatsoever. I figure with the china bicycle engines needing constant tinkering and tweaking this will be a good opportunity for him to get a crash course on mechanics of small engines and will get him more interested in mechanical things like I've always been.
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