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Default Re: A bicycle engine kit for a 11 year old? YES or NO

Originally Posted by meowy84 View Post
Since I've been putting my first engine kit together I see my 10 year old son is getting envious LOL. So I thought maybe I should get him one too so we can work on his together. I would install the engine on his MTB with the smaller 24" (I think) rims. Since the circumference of the 24" rim is smaller than our 26" rims his top speed would be less than our bikes. I'd get him the 50cc engine version and additionally put in some safeguards to limit his top speed.

He already has one of those little 50cc kids quads that he rides at camp in the summer but of course the quad having 4 wheels I feel is a lot safer and even though he's driven that darn thing into the side of the barn a few times at a decent clip when he first got it he didn't get hurt.

SO what do you guys think? Good or bad idea to get an 11y/o one of these?
totaly! Im 11 and lovin' it! (note: i hope i seem more mature, i find it common kids my age or anyone within 2 years of me seems very immature at times.. lol)

how about some sorta beach cruiser w/ a rear trike kit?? it be pricey but just an idea.
also check out, they have a forum w/ info on building your on three wheeler IF you have a welder.
lol tell your son hi from me

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