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Default Re: what kind of metals can i

Here's another thing to consider if you do end up using steel as a material for your frames. I'm still on my first bike build using a regular V-triangle frame but I've been contemplating boing a custom frame build myself for my next project (funny that I'm already planning my second build before my first one is completeed, I dunno if any of you guys are like that too LOL) so I called a very reputable local bike shop that dabbles in this kind of stuff since I don't yet trust my welds. The bike shop owner also said that I might want to consider what frames I'm using since all steel frame tubing material is not the same and there might be some compaibility issues wih different steels when it comes to welding. Some frames use chro-moly tubing, other, cheaper frames use other grades of steel. I have an old Fuji MTB frame and the guy said that Fuju uses their own grade steel unique to them whereas my Raleigh frame uses more common chrome-moly tubing, etc. Dunno if this is all true or not, just relaying what I was told. Maybe someone else with more materials knowleedge can chime in on this and clear things up.
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