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Default Re: My 20's Style Touring Build

Clutch arm question... while connecting the clutch cable to the arm, I see no way of securing the cable. Most of these kits have a small screw at the tip of the arm that secures the clutch cable, but this one just has a flat gap (the size of a typical flathead screwdriver gap) and no screw or mechanism to secure the clutch cable. How is this meant to work?

Secondly chain question, I have the tensioner set up so that the tensioner wheel is facing inside the frame, is this correct? It seems to work. The chain, from motor to tensioner to wheel, is not perfectly straight, the motor leans a tiny bit to the left, the wheel is probably a tiny bit out of true, etc. I don't want a teardown again, these minor variations won't kill me or the bike right? It seems I have seen too many haphhazard, "throw an unmodded china motor on a regular, unmodded bicycle" situations work out well, and they almost definitely had wheels out of true, badly mounted motors etc far worse then my situation.
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