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Cool Re: i have an pull cart ( proto type )

Re: i have an pull cart ( proto type ) made of pvc pipe .,, so this guy will know what im talking about it dont look bad.. im selling wood goods come monday.. im not in welding to make money right now .. it just seems a good thing to be able to repair things made of steel / i think composite is the way to do if you can but its even more $$$$$$$ /// this is the stuff i master >>>>> BITY Mold Supply - Mold Making, Mold Rubber and Casting Resins | Home i want to do this >>>> YouTube - Metal Casting at Home Part 10 Another Day in my Home Foundry hey , i like that four stroke you got ,, looks like it may hang with ya ! im old and need a trike now .. im going electric soon i hope .. i am unemployed right now . oh well ... i love my bicycle and as charlton heston would say .. they will take my bike from my cold dead feet !!!!! lol
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GLO 2 Door!

So many red flags!

GLO kicking!

You'll learn what you want so much faster (and likely better) by having a mentor. It seems that you've a lot to learn to be capable of the creativity your talking about; by tapping anothers experience you'll likely avoid a lot of potentially dangerous "HardKnocks" schooling too! Look forward to seeing your work!
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