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Default Re: Best Engine Kit For Worksman Front Loader Tricycle With Ice Cream Vendor Set Up

Hey Dan,
We'll make our cup a virtual one and have it here at the forum. Glad you liked the story/joke. Even my Lakota friends thought it was pretty funny. I've found that generally Indian people have a great sense of humor and have always loved stories. I see that I mis typed Chippewa. Although Chippewa is the official name of the Ojibwa people it is not what they call themselves. They sound similar and the mistake in pronunciation is known to the Ojibwa as the white man's learning disability. The Cherokee call themselves Tsalagi, so somebody really had wax in their ears when they turned it into Cherokee. I don't know about the other tribes but would guess there are some big discrepancies. I also sometimes wonder how it is that the Lakota are in the Dakotas and the Dakota are in Minnesota. It's enough to make your eyes spin around. I am deeply honored to be a potential board member of Frank~N~Footers. Franks a lot! I'll have mine with chili & cheese...
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...
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