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Default Re: Best Engine Kit For Worksman Front Loader Tricycle With Ice Cream Vendor Set Up

Originally Posted by silverbear View Post
On the reservation hot dogs are also referred to as 'tube steaks'. Hey, it's steak night! A trailer would be a really good way to go since it can all be home built and is pretty low tech. The bike itself will draw attention and instead of just asking questions about the bike they can talk and eat. Might also lead you to bike builds or motor sales at the same time. It sounds like a winning combination, frankly (did you get it this time?).
In the old days there was bitter rivalry between the Ojibwe (Chioppewa) and the Lakota & Dakota (given the name sioux by the Ojibwa when asked by the Europeans who those people were. The Ojibwe said they were sioux which means "snakes" and unfortunately that is now the officially recognized name for the Sioux Indians). Anyway, the rivalry continues, but now in the form of jokes instead of war parties. The Sioux ate dog meat, much frowned upon by the Ojibwe so this story is a reference to that.
His Saddle Stinks and Windy Boy had never left the reservation until the day they went to a big city. They wandered around some, more than a little bewildered at how different everything was and spotted a hot dog stand. Hot Dogs, it advertised. Looking for a taste of home, they both put their money down. Windy Boy unwrapped his and took a bite with some disappointment and asked his buddy, "What part did you get?"
Not that this has anything to do with ice cream tricycles, but its hot dogs anyway. Kind of on subject.
Lol Sir! I hope to enjoy a cup of coffee with ya some day soon. Your my first pick for a member on the board of directors of "Frank~N~Footers" (I wanted to do a "frankly" joke here but got notun')

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