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Red face Re: Just starting out, but addicted already!


I think your advice about the fender coming loose just saved me from a spill.
I checked it and the nut holding the fender had rattled loose (It was GONE) and the arms were showing signs of fatigue already. A few more hours of abuse and I think they would have broken.

I took the front fender off completely and used some cable ties on the back one.

I have been dirt-biking a little bit on some dirt roads and non-trails. Since I am running a stock (44 tooth?) sprocket, I have to keep my speed a little fast for the trails. In fact, I think I may be going too fast for the bike frame. I really need to wait until I can build a jack-shaft, but I am just having too much fun. I probably need to slow down and be more adult, but heck, I am 50 years old. Being irresponsible is part of growing older.

Thanks dude. Good eye.
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