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Default Re: Howdy from electric kook.

Originally Posted by Dogman View Post

I'm not going to argue the gas vs electric thing here, both have thier different advantages.
There is nothing to argue about. They both have their merits and we are all in the same camp as I see it. Kum-bi-ah.

And if I want to go sixty I just get in my van. I like the pace that motored biking allows for, I find it to fit nicely between my regular pedal bike and driving. Gives one time to stop and smell the roses if the moment arises. 30 mph is plenty fast enough for me to achieve that. But that is not racing talk.

There is a big event held every year at the Portland Int. Raceway on Memorial Day weekend by the HPV folks that features an e comp. I wanted to go last year but didn't make it and hope to again this year, especially as I live closer now. I really want to see the endurance end of this go on. Events that feature not just bikes, but any LSV class vehicle.

It would be great to see a time when it is not all about power and how much you have that wins, but rather how efficient you were along with speed.

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