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Default Re: where to get double wall 26 in wheels

Originally Posted by ocscully View Post
I'm curious as to why you think they are the best rim available for a motorized bike? I'm not saying they are or are not. I'm just wondering why you think they are the best?

I don't know why he thinks they're the best, but if you get the steel rims, they are rolled-edge which looks very retro,,, but also means you can only use hub-mounted brakes.

Some rims are stronger than others but rim strength is not much of a concern with any bike used on-road. As I have seen it (with non-motorized bicycles) the first thing to break on very-cheap wheels is usually the spokes, and the second thing is that the cheap wheel bearings fail.

If you are looking for the widest rims that you can get normal tires on, that would be Snowcats, at right about two inches outside width. These are about the widest rims you can use with a standard MTB tire (with 2.3"-2.5" wide tires). I don't know when it will be, but the next motorized bike I build will use these rims.

The Surly Large Marge rims are wider at 2.5", but regular MTB tires don't really fit well on them. With the Large Marge rims you are stuck using the 4" tires that Surley and other fatbike places make, usually costing $100-150+ each, and mostly off-road treads.
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