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Default Re: What spark plug for my 80/66cc engine?

Thanks Aaron, already thought of that. I'll definitely have to do something with the exhaust gasket itself for sure. Without running to the garage to look at it and going from memory alone I recall that the gasket appears to be some form of fibrous material sandwiched between two metal sheets (that's the best way I can describe it LOL). Anyways, the reason I say I need to work on it is that when I put it on the exhaust port it is a bit off center and covers (i.e. restricts) about 30% of the exhaust port opening. So I'll just have to 'dremel' the hole of the gasket a bit to get a closer match to the actual contours of the exhaust port.

Then of course I'll be doing the usual as suggested in one of the engine prep threads taking the side covers off to make sure there's no metal filings lurking around from the manufacturing process. One thing I hope is that there aren't any shavings inside the crankcase itself because I really don't want to have to split the engine and risk damaging the gaskets and having to get a new gasket set for it. *sigh*
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