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Default Re: Just starting out, but addicted already!

Lookin' good! Be sure to secure that front fender, they've been known to have the mounting tab break from vibration and lock up the front wheel. A 25 mph face plant can really ruin a nice morning. On my motor bike I drilled a couple holes through the fender on either side of the fork tube on each side and installed two zip ties on each side through the holes and around the fork tube. With the original mount and the ties on both sides it's not likely all those would fail at once. One should still check the front fender mount before each ride. Also keep an eye on the idler roller bracket if you're using an idler to make sure it doesn't get loose and twist inward and hit the spokes. My original installation did just that and locked up my rear wheel. Luckily I was going slowly turning into my driveway so when I got dumped on the ground it didn't cause any injuries other than a couple bruises. I was able to re-rig my bike to eliminate the roller which does make the system cleaner, reduces noise and makes the bike easier to pedal. The clamp on idler brackets that use two straps and four bolts to hold onto the chainstay seem a lot stronger and safer to me. One other thing, I twisted the idler mount (not on the bike) so that when bolted to the bike the idler roller would be in line with the chain and not on an angle.
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