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Default Re: Engine temporarily locked down but piston and cylinder are fine?

Well guys I put the engine on the bench and have not done anything with it yet, I decided to just run the engine I have on my other bike, so I put the entire suspension front end off the new schwinn onto my old MT Bike and the suspension seat post as well and then I put handle bars off an old BMX bike I had, I also put fenders on the bike and now I have a bike built out of three different bikes that rides like a dream and looks pretty good for and old mountain bike that spends most of it's time on dirt roads, it aint fancy but it runs like a top with a 41T sprocket and this will be my 32 mile a day round trip to work and back when the weather is good, I just got a band brake set up in today that I plan to put on the back of it too, the old caliper brake on the back is not really good enough I go through brake shoes like crazy.

Thanks for all the comments everyone and I will be tearing the other engine down before I try to run it anymore, I afraid I my cook it good if I dont find out what was locking it up.
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