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Default Re: Howdy from electric kook.

Well., I did a 60 mile ride the other day over a huge mountian. So I'm not short of battery, just short of ones I can milk of all thier power in a few minuites. The better ones cost quite a bit.

The stuff I have bought so far is aimed at riding cross continent, or at least for a long daily commute. I only suggested a shorter heat for other electric bikes to enjoy. But then, that's what the practice laps are about.

I'm not going to argue the gas vs electric thing here, both have thier different advantages. When I want to ride a gas bike, I hop on my scooter and go 60. As you guys keep upping the ante, gas may win for a long time, but every dog has it's day. When you see a real E bike you will be amazed, especially if it's me inside of you on that hairpin, and you never heard me coming at all. What I brought this time was just a pretty ordinary ebike.
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