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Default Re: Best Engine Kit For Worksman Front Loader Tricycle With Ice Cream Vendor Set Up

Any 2 stroke should do fine with a 56T (tooth) rear sprocket or even a higher amount of teeth. Going up a hill with one of these would be death to a normal engine with a full cart of ice cream. This is the cheapest option. Four stroke could maybe be better but it's more expensive and would be a lot harder to mount on that trike.

Now that I look more closely at the bike I'm seeing that any engine is going to be a PITA to mount. Your best option could be to try and rack mount a Chinese two stroke engine ( the same engine as described in my first option). Or you could rack mount basically any small engine, 2 or 4 stroke.

Whatever you use in back, make sure it's a chain drive with a large sprocket and not a roller (friction) drive. I don't think you could get enough torque with a roller drive.
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