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Default Re: Howdy from electric kook.

Yeah, I really appreciated it! I hadn't had that much fun since we used to gravity race Emory Pass in the Gila back in the 70's. That's where I learned to corner, with 100 foot cliffs to punish a mistake. We used a no pedaling rule, so one touch of brakes and you lost. There is lots of interest in next year over at Endless Sphere. Hopefully Luke will make it for the next one. He races all the time, and really, lots of guys are building bikes in the 45-50 mph range. Affording the battery for a long race is the problem though. Mabye in the future enough wattheads will show up to have some electric heats only 4 laps long for those who can't go 12 laps.

Interestingly, the main didn't deplete my battery so much, but I drew so much out so fast, I was slowing down by lap 10 due to battery internal heating. Like you have seen with the gas bikes, racing is going to be a key thing for motivating us to improve everything.
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