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Default Re: I get my new toy today

Well, dont blame me for the mirror lol. This guy was fairly dishonest and this bike was far from a demo model. It was put together by a left handed flying monkey. The whole thing feels back wards. The rear brake is under the clutch which feels backwards to me. I want to be able to use the rear brake with one hand and the clutch with the other. Right now its throttle and front brake on the right and clutch and rear on the left. The mirror is a joke and the dude sold the light off it earlier in the winter. But I still like it. By not being perfect I got to spend some time going over it with a fine tooth comb and learning about it in general. I didnt even ride it the first day cause I was afraid of something running loose or simply put on wrong.

I am still figuring it out. The manual said to run it at 50:1 oil ratio and that seems really lean to me but I am no expert at all. Also the whole carb seems to be leaky and poorly tuned. I have caught gas dripping out of the air intake and cant believe that that should be happening. I am going to be poking around and posting in the other forums to figure out my next steps. Like should I just replace the oem carb with something a bit more finely made. Not to mention low end power is pretty terrible so even minor hills mean a lot of pedaling work for me lol. Anywho. Thanks for the welcome.
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