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Originally Posted by Venice Motor Bikes View Post
I did read what you said... that's why I said what I said.
Next... I've ridden bikes with good brakes, bad brakes, the best brakes & even no brakes; but never went over the bars because of the brakes...
& last... those crotch rockets do wheel stands because they are trying to! I know for a fact that you can lock the front wheel on them & still keep the rear grounded!
It all depends on the center of gravity of you and the bike, the wheelbase of the bike, and the incline you are on. Having an engine mounted low in the frame definitely helps keep the center of gravity low. If you ride mountain bikes on steep trails. eventually you will endo due to the extreme inclines and roots/rocks that want to stop your front wheel. On a level road it is considerably harder to endo but can be done if you try like you said.

All you need to do to avoid an endo is to put your body as far back and as low on the bike as you can while modulating the front brake. Just takes a little practice.
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