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Originally Posted by Maxvision View Post
I've upgraded to disc brakes on my bike, also thanks to SBP's shift kit. The change-over made a MAJOR difference in stopping power from the calipers I had. Also, I use a dual brake lever and pulling it to stop with both brakes is almost effortless.

Since my frame and forks didn't have mountings for disc brakes I bought 2 mounting adapters from these guys Brake-Parts-Hardware/

NOTE: If you use these adapters you'll need 180 mm rotors. I had to do a little cutting on my stretch frame to get the rear adapter to fit but shouldn't be a problem with a regular cruiser frame. Also, to mount on front forks just grind off the tab that fits in the axel slot.

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Very nice bike. Where did the dual brake lever come from and do you have more detailed pics?

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