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Default Howdy from Ms; first build planning headaches

Hope you guys can read fast; i have a lot of particulars in planning my first ever build :-) I was only exposed to this alternative mode of transportation three weeks ago, got to ride one yesterday and i'm hooked; i've nearly gone blind researching all the various bicycles, engines, gearboxes plus the "chinese vs. U.S." decision. It seems that most everything is still in the development stage which is making it awful hard to choose a product that will stand the test of time.
Please; any and all suggestions are welcome.
I know i want a four stroke engine; the drive is what i'm hung up on. EZ's Qmatic gearbox looks solid but i read that even with the newest innovation that some power is lost and no one has ridden them long enough to know how long it will hold up; same is with the G4 t belt drive; for aesthetics, i like the G4 better. the hs g4 kit is very tempting. Then there is the Jackshaft drive. i'm still not up on those cause it's hard for me to figure out all the ratios and the different size sprockets plus i like better having only one chain leaving the gearbox to the rear wheel. With the rear wheel i know i will buy one of Jim's adapters cause it makes no sense to me driving the spokes with a "clamshell" rig. I do not care to shift gears either so a quality clutch and one chain to the rear seems right.
Then there is the question of which bike to buy; i've heard that front suspension is mostly for show and not really needed but i like the idea as well as a cushy saddle. Mine will be some type of Cruiser cause they just look good. V brakes seem like a good idea.
All in all i'd love to put together something that will last; i plan on driving it everywhere as my primary form of transportation. That's why i'm looking at the Honda ghx 50. I don't want to have to spend a lot of time tinkering with it. I may could be sold on the hs clone but need some more reassurance.
My bike needs to pull hills well with as much of a top speed as possible. Is 35-40mph top end and 25mph on medium grade hills too much to ask for a 210lb man?

Hoping some of you will help me decide; i know i can trust you all to not just "sell me a product" but consider my quandry and help me get on the road.

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