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Originally Posted by GoFastBicycles View Post
Opinions about this subject

When you buy a new chain saw do you have to break it in? If so, how?

When you buy a lawn mower do you have to break it in? If so, how?

I think this whole break in thing was a way for the suppliers to cover their butts if the defective engines made it past Q.C. I use that term lightly. They could say sorry you didn't break it in properly.

Please lets not have a pissing contest about this post, just some of you honest opinions.

I my self just put them on and run them. some better than others but I think the breaking in thing is over used.

I agree. Ran mine like normal when I put it on. In fact, I think the starting, opening it up and lettin' off of city driving does more for breaking in the whole range of the motor any way. 15...... suckers
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