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Default Re: What spark plug for my 80/66cc engine?

I`m here in fl. and run mine in the city like you do but I use a B7HS without any issues whatsoever....The higher the number the cooler the plug...I beleive a B6 is what the stock plug cross`s over to.....You aren`t going really notice a HUGE difference buy going one step colder/hotter plug...If you go extremly hot on the plug it WILL burn a hole directly though the piston.....But with these motors you could go from a B5HS to a B7HS and not really notice a thing....IT won`t make your motor run colder or hotter....I have a billet head on another one of my bikes which bumped up the compression quite a bit and am running a B8HS NGK plug.....
So just run the NGK B6HS and you should be just fine until you get more performance upgrades done......MY 2 CENTS WORTH.....
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