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Default Re: Best Engine Kit For Worksman Front Loader Tricycle With Ice Cream Vendor Set Up

In a typical day would the motor run very often or for very far? This is like a helper motor for a bike you mostly pedal? Would it matter to you or to your state if the motor was gas or would it need to be electric? Is the front wheel a drum brake model? More specifics would be helpful in people making suggestions. Off hand, a front wheel pancake electric motor comes to mind since it doesn't take up any more room (just the batteries) and nobody would object to electric. On the other hand a small electric motor elsewhere would allow you to keep that great Worksman heavy duty wheel which likely has a locking drum brake on it. In another couple posts you can upload pictures and that would help, too. Interesting project which I'm sure can be done. What do you visualize? What would answer your needs, even if you don't know how to go about it yet?
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