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Default Re: How to convert 2 stroke automatic to manual?

Thanks for the latest posts which are very helpful. I found the parts mentioned at Piston and they came to $35.00 (woodruff key, large round flat head, small bevel gear, clutch cover & gasket and a gear puller which looks like it is also a clutch puller. Shipping brought the total to $43.20. I priced a new stock PK-80 from Pirate and it is $100.00 with another $25.00 for shipping for a total of $125.00.
I think I will pursue fixing the automatic clutches for the time being. If unsuccessful then I may just put them on the shelf and wait for a donor motor which would have all the parts and are not the kind that would wear out. Maybe someone here on the forum has a dead standard engine they would let go for very cheap plus shipping. Or at some point I might have a worn out one I don't want to rebuild and can cannibalize that. I think I'd rather buy a new engine than pay $43.00 for parts. But I will need a clutch puller. Information is a very good thing. jviperm, it sounds like you have done this yourself or at least investigated doing it. So this conversion is possible? Did it work out for you? What was the original problem with the automatic... had it been slipping?
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