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Default Re: Poll: price vs. availability

I voted price because that's what slows my process down in building. As a hobby build being my first mb, it's been a adventure. I started out to be totally custom from the beginning, I love to be different. Your parts help people make something not look like it was bought off ebay or craiglist. Most hobbyist won't mind waiting for a part. Most custom motorized bicycle builders are trying to make money off a project so they do need it faster.

It was hard decision to make on your poll jim. not having an idea of how much the increase would be was the hard part. I will agree hands down, with the quality of your parts "NO ONE" could beat your price.......or want to.

So far the only product that had a longer lead time was the motor mount. But customers must realize how important your name is on a part. When I talk to people I mention this site and "Manic Mechanic." A design flaw can damage sales more than a wait. Let me ask this, "would anyone go out and buy a Toyota at this time?

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