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Default Re: build off (spring)

Originally Posted by Salty Gator View Post your logo Norm...." good bikes aren't cheap and cheap bikes aren't good".......isn't that a contradiction of what you just posted?....also... " thrift store build off "......hmmmm....smug are we Norm ?......

Just because Picasso only used $5 worth of paint & a cheap brush doesn't mean his paintings are only worth that much!

But seriously... Isn't a contest like this where you expect see the best of the best, building the wildest bikes they can possibly build????
What's the point of having a "Biker Build Off Contest" if all we're gonna see is the same 'ol stuff?
I can look through the pics here and see plenty of that!

Sorry if I offended you Salty... (I kid beacause I love!!)
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