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Default Re: walmart bike tires

I have been riding motorized for over 2 years for my transportation needs.

I ride about 100 mile a week

I went down the cheap tire path, got sick of the poor performance and saftey. The cost is actually higher in the end, especially when you crash from a blowout, then time of work and the medical costs/bike repairs.

Then you then become unreliable as seen by others, late for work because of another flat.

Get decent name brand stuff. On a bike at 30mph, tires = life

The cheap supermarket tires only lasted around 3 months on the rear and then punctured easily.

A set of say Kendas or Michilens or equivalent will last nearly ten times that for around double the price.

Plus the grip level is higher and confidence to take turns and brake is increased.

I run a set of 35mm Kenda Kwests on my 700C bike and 1.5" Kwick Rollers on the 26" bike, with heavy duty tubes, tire problems are rare now for me.

Kenda USA Bicycle Tires

But if you are only an occasional user and stick with the $6 stuff, don't hold your breath, you will feel pain...
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