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Default Re: build off (spring)

Originally Posted by Salty Gator View Post
This thread and actual build off obviously is only for those whom have access to a lot of money and tools......80% of us here in the forum don't have a snowballs chance in h*ll.....tell me I'm wrong.......whereas it's cool y'all can build these, it makes most of us feel inadequate at best.....and at worst envious....please take the time to consider this....I'd appreciate it if my post wasn't deleted for simply being eloquent in a response...

Actually, it doesn't take much money or tools at all!! In the last biker build off contest; I used a beat up grinder & a $70 mig welder to build the bike!

So if you can't afford that, then both you & George_n_texas can both start a "thrift store build off"...
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