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Originally Posted by Elmo View Post
I did not go over the bars I made a panic stop because of a dog right in front of me and locked the front wheel with the front brake and the bike rotated around the front axle resulting in a ride on the pavement. And if you will reread the post I said the front only. You must not have had very good brakes. I did not say to not use the front brakes because they are the most important part of braking just do not overdo it. I have seen crotch rockets with the rear wheel a foot off the ground because of braking.
I did read what you said... that's why I said what I said.
Next... I've ridden bikes with good brakes, bad brakes, the best brakes & even no brakes; but never went over the bars because of the brakes...
& last... those crotch rockets do wheel stands because they are trying to! I know for a fact that you can lock the front wheel on them & still keep the rear grounded!

Anyways everybody... learn to use both brakes properly, they are your friends!

This is also for everyone... There is no such thing as brakes that are too good!
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