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Default Re: How to convert 2 stroke automatic to manual?

Originally Posted by AaronF View Post
Ah gotcha Well if your plan for right now is to convert over to manual,you could take a flat screwdriver budge it behind the cent pack and push out up against the cover.However doing so would most likely crack your cover but you might get lucky and not break it if your 'careful' I'm pretty sure you'd need a new clutch cover anyways when you go manual.So this might just be worth saving a few $$ on the puller.I may just have a extra puller I could send ya for free if you absolutely have to go this route.
I'm pretty sure that would break something, likely the cover. I want to be careful with what I'm doing since I may be able to fix the automatic, which would be great. And I don't actually know for a fact that I can convert the automatic to manual as I have yet hear from anyone who has done it and I'm no mechanical wizard. If it can be done that's great, but I don't know that yet and I don't know where this beveled gear would come from.
Thanks for the offer on the puller. Someone may give me a bolt size and a few minute trip to the hardware would do it. What a hassle all this is for a new motor. The seller gave me vague directions for a fix that involves some plates hidden under the clutch. When I asked about how to remove the centrifugal clutch adapter I was asked to send a picture. So I did and will wait and see. How's your put together motor running?
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