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Originally Posted by Venice Motor Bikes View Post
I can't help but believe that you did something very wrong...
I've ridden bicycles & motorcycles like a madman ever since I was a small child; & never once have I (or anyone else that I know) gone over the bars from using the front brake!
It's statements like that that keep nubees from learning the proper way to use the brakes!
I did not go over the bars I made a panic stop because of a dog right in front of me and locked the front wheel with the front brake and the bike rotated around the front axle resulting in a ride on the pavement. And if you will reread the post I said the front only. You must not have had very good brakes. I did not say to not use the front brakes because they are the most important part of braking just do not overdo it. I have seen crotch rockets with the rear wheel a foot off the ground because of braking.
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