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Default Re: Just starting out, but addicted already!

Yes indeed these things are fun. I've got a Honda 1500 Goldwing, a 600cc Honda scooter but still feel the need to ride my 2 stroke motorbike pretty much every day. It doesn't matter whether it's just a jaunt around the neighborhood or a longer ride I just need that 'fix'. So far my bike's logged 210 miles and is still running trouble free (after eliminating the idler roller). One thing I'd recommend to anyone is to lubricate the reduction gears with Moly Paste. Honda 60 moly paste or Loctite. The moly grease at auto parts stores isn't sufficient and has only about 2-3% molybdenum. Moly Paste is 60-65% moly. The thing about MP is that once the grease carrier has been thrown off the gears a coating of molybdenum remains to protect the gears. Honda has required moly paste on their shaft drive bikes for years now, before the stuff became available drive shaft spline wear was a serious problem. With MP no more wear. When I got my Grubee 49cc kit I lubed it with MP before I even ran it the first time. So far I haven't added any more and am checking the gears often for wear to see how often I should be re-lubing. So far no apparent wear at 200 miles. The stuff isn't cheap but sure works on Goldwing drive lines which are under a lot of stress spinning at high speed and hauling a 1200lb.+ load with two riders. Loctite 51084 8oz Moly-Paste Low Friction Lube in Brush Top Can: Industrial & Scientific

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