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Talking Re: Just starting out, but addicted already!

I would like to thank you all for your warm welcome and all the help.
I am already planning my next project and have already mentally spent about $900 bucks on it. I know that building a second bike is almost a certainty and it WILL be a Jack-shaft. This is just too cool not to give it a try. I can't help thinking of things I could do better and as I read through the "high performance" sections of this Blog, I want to try some of that stuff.

Good or bad, skilled or not, building motorbikes is a fun hobby. Building and tinkering with them seems to be most of the fun. Of course riding them is a blast too, but there is something about having everything just right when you take off that really feels good. This is a feeling of power that I have never really experienced before with anything more complex than scissors. Unlike a car, I can comprehend all the moving parts and I know I can fix anything that breaks on my bike and that's a good feeling.

I have to tell you, I had fun riding to work today! Who can say that?
My current bike is an absolute demon. I have no doubt that most of you would consider it a complete dog, with all stock parts and poorly put together, but It far exceeds my expectations. It may be a dog, it's a scalded dog! People who have never moved 30ish on a beach cruiser down a winding road have no idea what they are missing!

Thanks Again,
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