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Default Re: How to convert 2 stroke automatic to manual?

I am attempting to open things up for a look and have removed the smaller cover over the centrifugal clutch assembly. In the close up photo the centrifugal clutch itself is shown with the hole in the center where a bolt fixes the assembly to the crank shaft. I removed the bolt and attempted to wiggle the assembly loose from the crank. It won't budge. In staring at I finally realized that the outer part of the hole is threaded for a larger bolt to fit into just the assembly part and not all the way in to the crank, which it would be too big for anyway. I figured if I used a bolt of te right size and something like a fender washer or some sort of spacer that I could remove the assembly that way. Then I remembered how Norm had spoken of a clutch puller for the manual clutches and figured since either type would bolt to the cranks shaft that the same puller might work. So I looked up the puller on a sellers list of parts and discovered it would cost about ten bucks with shipping. Plus I have to wait for the puller. So, does anyone know what size bolt this is? It looks like it would be right hand thread. Anyone know?
Once the assembly is removed there are five bolts holding the underlying clutch cover in place and when I'm able to remove that the parts I want to see will be revealed. In looking at the PK-80 engine kits I see that the clutch puller is included. Wish my seller had included one in my kit, but every dime counts I guess and smart me wanted to pay as little as possible...hmmm. I sure did save, don'tcha think? Anybody know that bolt size?
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