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Default Requisite New Guy Thread

I've been batting around the idea of a motorized bicycle for a few months now, and am just about to pull the trigger on a 4 cycle kit. I was originally enamored with the 2 cycles (my grandmother's stinginess in me), but as this will be my method for going to work 30 miles round trip the all-over-the-board reliability and quality control of those 2 cycles from China have sufficiently scared me off from those.

Current plan is a ThatsDax kit or similar (looking for best bang for the buck) on the most stable ride possible. I live in the Pacific Northwest, so I have concerns about friction drive and loss of power from slippage being an issue. The kid in me begs for a shift kit to help go faster, but the survival instinct is balking at that idea. Really no hills to speak of. Just long straightaways and lots of Q-Tips behind the wheel.

Thanks for the forum! I look forward to learning.
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