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Default Re: Can you unbridled your 48cc engine ?

Yea by valves i meant ports....

And Map is right if you want to stay completely safe don't remove the gaskets. I can tell you, however that i have removed base gaskets on 3 engines and haven't had leaks on any of them (using the copper gasket maker). Head gaskets I almost always remove, normally they leak very slowly or not at all, but since i used the spray a gasket i haven't had any problems.

My first engine was a Raw motors 50cc. I was extrememly happy with it untill i tried a pk80 on a freinds bike. I am converting my 15th bike today and i can tell you that even after 3000 miles that raw engine is the best 50cc I've seen so far.

so if you are determined to stay legal, ideally id go with a raw, iv installed 2 Raws and 8 PKs, the PKs are inconsistent, both of the Raws are at least as good as the best pk.

If you don't want to be able to go 20mph(???!?!?!??!)... Id still get an 80cc and idk epoxy a washer on the intake to make it 4mm id.

like i said you'll be happy with whatever you get, Ive never had someone ride one of these for the first time and not have a smile on their face.
-Phil in CT
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