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Default Re: How to convert 2 stroke automatic to manual?

I knew when I bought this that customer service would be on the thin side and made a gamble based on OK experiences in the past. If a seller is going to be willing to replace an engine, then it is going to cost more in the first place or he won't be in business long. I don't imagine there is a great profit margin on this kit, so replacing it would hurt. On the other hand he sells a lot of kits. I'd rather leave name calling alone in this thread. I took my chances and am paying the price. That's what happens when you try to go as cheap as possible. Can't have everything. If I want a replacement or money back guarantee and great customer service then as a buyer I have to be willing to pay for that. It is a choice we all have to weigh when making an engine purchase. I think on the next engine it will be a pk-80 with a pull start (no automatic) from a seller who advertises here on the forum. I value this forum and have profited from what I've learned here... so buying from one of our sponsors is a good kind of give back. As a penny pinching old tightwad, coughing up the cash is like a cat giving up a hairball, but I can do it. I did get a response from the seller giving information for a possible fix which I can't make heads or tails of, but will continue attempting to decipher. At least he is trying, I think. I have more faith in the good people here for guidance and my own perseverance.
This bevel gear... is this what is there in a manual clutch engine and would that one work? Why couldn't the old cover be used since it is just a cover and doesn't really do anything? I already have the short pedal crank in place to clear the automatic cover. if possible, simple is good.
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