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Default Re: Poll: price vs. availability

Originally Posted by Creative Engineering View Post

You are hereby informed that you will be given the product of your choice, at no charge, from our shop.

I have never read a more accurate description of how this all works...I could not have worded it better myself. Wood shop, metal's all the same hassle. There was some numb nuts on another thread that claimed he worked in a "CNC" shop. He was telling everyone that he would just put a giant block of metal in the machine and it would spit out many parts from the block, finished! I didn't even bother responding, it was so idiotic.


Thanks Jim, but in all honesty - had you a product I could use on my ride I'd have happily purchased it already, the price and time never a problem, it's simply an incompatibly issue.

That CNC woodshop used to drive me insane, such beautiful machines with such incredible potential - all wasted on a guy whom never understood what they were meant for... to the point where the original service representative had an epic temper tantrum and refused to ever come back (stuff thrown, cops called - it was awesome heh). The company then sent a replacement, whom lasted a couple of visits before being mysteriously replaced with another, a somewhat surly fellow whom would only respond with grunts as he replaced blown bearings and stripped tracks.

*shrug* We tried, but there's no reasoning with a guy that thinks money can buy instant expertise
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