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Default Re: Squeal in Front Chain Sprocket

Bike Guy,
How'd you do that the link you sent me with the diagram plus message is not here in this thread ?

Anyway, the diagram, ( no criticism toward you intended), is hard to determine that 32 is a threaded post that is a cable holder, however, I did get the scheme of things and it is off.

I will gets some lube going, in there.

I did get the chain off and turned the crank by hand, nothing seemed abnormal, i.e., no screech or squeal, easy turning, etc.

The front wheel bearing is silent, it is slightly possible that the clutch gear cover on the opposite side, may have been a little tight and the gasket was pinched, there may have been some metal to metal contact, but this is undetermined at this time.

I'm looking around for some brake cleaner.


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