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Default Re: Poll: price vs. availability

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
CNC is not quite like that... pushing the button only part of the process it's not nearly that automated...

Well, I bet Jim's shop is (far) better than the CNC woodshop I worked in, but prep & finish work does consume a ridiculous amount of time, the program needs be written & rewritten, the machines themselves require a lot of setup and constant maintenance, heck - even loading it can be tricky depending on the object (remember we're dealing with extremely fine tolerances), most CNC machines can cut only one face at a time so each unit is a multiple stage project, sometimes requiring different machines & setups for different aspects of the object being made *shrug*

Granted, the shop I worked in was a bit of an abomination, but generally speaking CNC doesn't save labor so much as provide exacting uniformity... usually... IF you know what yer doing lol, My old shop didn't, they thought they could save time by pushing the machines faster, resulting in "corduroy" passes and lots of tedious finishwork - not something you can get away with at all with billet aluminum so... more time in the machine(s) and the progs that run them.

I'm ofc assuming that Jim's billet aluminum CNC setup and the somewhat primitive wood CNC I had to deal with are even vaguely similar, please correct me if I'm wrong

You are hereby informed that you will be given the product of your choice, at no charge, from our shop.

I have never read a more accurate description of how this all works...I could not have worded it better myself. Wood shop, metal's all the same hassle. There was some numb nuts on another thread that claimed he worked in a "CNC" shop. He was telling everyone that he would just put a giant block of metal in the machine and it would spit out many parts from the block, finished! I didn't even bother responding, it was so idiotic.

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