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Default Re: Can you unbridled your 48cc engine ?

[QUOTE=Prasinos;172012]this guy with the big words......

Increase your compression by removing your head gasket or base gasket depending on where you want your power. Remove the head gasket if you want a little more power all around. If torque is a big issue, remove the base gasket(it changes the valve timing in favor of low end torque).

Not to be ugly in any way here but 2 stroke engines due NOT have valves and the machine work from what I have seen is not nearly good enough to run one of these motors without gaskets, and it is for sure that I would never remove the Jug to block gasket you are asking for a air leak that will fry your engine very shortly..... to get more power do some porting, better exhaust, good plug as you said and take the head to a machine shop and have them mill .015-.020 off it and this will all help towards giving a little more power, maybe a thinner head gasket , but not complete removal and no replacement....! I just dont want to see this guy do things to his motor that will send it to the crapper the first time out, sounds like he needs something to work right the first time and last him for a while.
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