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Default Re: My 20's Style Touring Build

Update: Found a two-speed sprocket set from a 90's MTB crank. Removed the crawler gear and plastic protector and got a surprisingly sturdy 48t-39t sprocket set.

They are connected closely to each other and will be mounted on the wheel like a typical MTB's freewheel gears would be, except of course on the left side of the wheel and using the rag joint and bolt mounting system that comes with the chinese kit.

The diameter of the hole in the center of the sprockets is too small to fit on a standard wheelhub and will need to be made larger, the same size as the 44t that comes with the chinese motor. Would a machinist be required to do this?

Once the center hole is large enough, it will be fitted over the hub, mounted on the wheel and the issue of chain alignment and tension will be next. Some sort of spring-loaded tensioner would be necessary UNLESS the difference in sprockets (8t) is small enough not to require high tension and the stock tensioner can be used, putting a middle ground between higher tension (larger sprocket) and lower tension (smaller sprocket).
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