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Smile Re: Just starting out, but addicted already!


The strangest thing happened this afternoon. I was buzzing home from work on my bike and suddenly the sound changed and it seemed to pick up power. It used to make a kind of flappy noise at WOT like it was losing compression or something and suddenly, it doesn't anymore. It seems to run stronger and faster than it did. I think it picked up 5MPH top speed and a little more power in the lower range. The change was fairly sudden and happened over about a mile or so.

I checked all the bolts and everything is tight. I even greased the gears which really weren't that dry yet. Aside from the chain needing a little tightening and a minor choke cable adjustment, there seems to be nothing wrong with it. I can't figure it out. What happened?

I think I just found my Jackshaft project bike. It may take more work, but I fell in love with it.
I got an old German "Fischer city line" in mint condition. It's a huge touring bike with 28 inch wheels (I think). It's got front shocks and a 3 piece crank. This thing is a 3 speed with a huge rear hub and coaster brakes. It appears to be made of high quality material, but it's an internal 3 speed. Everything on it looks expensive except the brakes (which will have to be replaced anyway...thanks Fabian). Can you mount a jackshaft kit on a 3 speed? What about coaster brakes? Are they bad?
Did I totally waste my money?

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