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Default How to convert 2 stroke automatic to manual?

As chronicled in the centrifugal clutch blues thread I've had my fair share of misery over the past couple of weeks with a slipping automatic clutch. Every time I think I have it fixed and proclaim success, a few miles from home I discover it slipping again and then push the bike back up the mountain. While great exercise this was not the plan. On this thread I will not go into what has been done, etc. On to the second automatic. I was so happy with mine last summer that I decided a month ago before the riding season began to buy a second pull start automatic. When the first crapped out on me a couple weeks ago I got busy setting up the new one. I'll skip all of the other issues with that kit and get to the twenty feet of successful riding before something went in the automatic clutch so that it no longer engages with the engine. No it is not slipping like the first one, it is not engaging at all. I had at first thought to ask here for suggestions on fixing it and think instead I will look into whether or not there is a way to convert an automatic into a manual clutch engine. I have had it with automatics. I love them when they work, but both bikes are sitting there with engines that run great and won't either one propel the bikes forward. I'm not a quick learner, but not a total fool either. Of course I am hoping the seller will do the right thing and replace the new engine as he should, but am also realistic enough to know he will likely try to either ignore me or say I did something to wreck his wonderful motor. So far there is a deafening silence. No names here at this point. I'm not interested in giving anyone a hard time. I just want to ride my bikes. Back to the question. Is there a way to convert the engine by removing the automatic clutch assembly and doing something or other magical to make it operate manually? Otherwise I may be scrapping two motors which run quite well, one with a few hundred miles on it and the other twenty feet. Major Bummer. (General Electric, Sergeant Pepper, Corporal Punishment, Private Joke... I'm trying to cheer myself up, but it is not working.)
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